Energiekooperativ Kanton Remich

Energiekooperativ Kanton Remich

Energiekooperativ Kanton Remich is a team of motivated people from the communes of Bous, Dalheim, Lenningen, Mondorf-les-bains, Remich, Schengen, Stadtbredimus and Waldbredimus.

Our mission

Installation and exploitation of photovoltaic installations on the roofs of public buildings and production of renewable electricity.

How to get involved

All residents of the canton of Remich can contribute financially to joint projects.
→ The minimum contribution is €100.
→ Every member of the cooperative has voting rights.

More info: www.ekr.lu



Dear members of the cooperative, dear friends of the sun,

Following our information meeting in Lenningen, we are pleased to welcome a few new co-operators to our ranks. Before we realise the project in Canach, we prefer to install first of all the PV systems on the Mondorf school, as its roof will be renewed in the summer. We have received interesting offers so that this can be realised for our major project in summer 2024.

That is why we are making an appeal at this point for you to participate financially again: the PV system costs +/- 86,600 € incl. VAT and we currently do not have enough money to realise the project.

To support us, you are also welcome to advertise in your circle of acquaintances.

The municipality of Mondorf stands 100% behind the EKR, also for this project, which means that there is no risk at any time that your investment will be lost.

We would already like to thank all those who have made it possible for the cooperative to connect another Installation to the network.

Furthermore, we are making an appeal through this message: we are looking for 2 cash controllers to bring even more transparency to our work > Application by email to: info@ekr.lu