Ecological advisor

The role of the Nature Pact Act which passed on July 31, 2021 is to support municipalities by providing incentives for the implementation of nature protection measures and to raise awareness of their importance. To achieve the objectives of the Nature Pact, municipalities are assisted by an ecological advisor.

The ecological advisor acts as a contact person for nature conservation issues. He provides the municipality with information and advice on topics related to nature and water protection such as species protection, natural land use, agriculture, biodiversity programs, and others.

The Nature Pact provides a multi-level certification model. Depending on the level achieved (basic, bronze, silver or gold), municipalities receive financial support for their commitments.

The Nature Pact pursues the following goals

  • Protection and conservation of nature and natural resources in general
  • Fighting the decline of biodiversity and restoring biotopes and habitats
  • Restoring ecological connectivity
  • Resilience of ecosystems to various disturbances
  • Restoration of ecosystem services.

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